Born on July 19th, 1964.


I have been painting since 1998. Previously, writing was my only passion. I wrote four novels. Since June 2000, one of them has been presented on the website It was ranked in the first five books of the Fiction-fantastic category on the web site.

Painting was a secret ambition for years. One fine day, I decided to fulfil my dream. I registered with the Paris Art school’s workshops and I followed the teaching of the artists François Bard, Olga Rochard, Daniel Fisher, Michel and Gerard Village, Regina Virserius, Antoine Pettel.

At the same time as painting, I am also a print media journalist. I write reports about contemporary figurative painters published in various magazines.


Personal or collective exhibitions

  • Since 2013, permanently at the gallery Atelier Pièce Unique, in Fourqueux (78). Participation in group exhibitions. Solo exhibition scheduled in 2020.
  • June 2017 : solo exhibition at Le Clos-des-Grives, in Veauville-les-Quelles (76) during “Les  Jardins du Cœur”.
  • June 2015: exhibition “Living together” Versus & Versus, Paris
  • December 2011: Espace Segur, Paris
  • October 2010: Alexandre Cadain gallery, Paris
  • January 2009: Ateliers Beaux-Arts gallery, Paris
  • June 2004: Espace Arco, Paris

Fairs, open doors

  • June, 2010 to 2019: Saint-Germain-en-Laye Art Market (78)
  • September, 2009 to 2019: Artists studio open doors, Le Vésinet (78)
  • May 2009: Grand marché de l’art contemporain (GMAC), Paris (75)