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Univers de l'artiste Valérie Auriel


“The world I paint is that of dreams, of the subconscious and of archetypes. My pictorial approach revolves around creating pictures that can be read in many ways, and provoking uncertainty. I create figurative paintings, but they are certainly not illustrative. I aim to shape an atmosphere that can be interpreted in different ways.”

From Doré

A free and colorful interpretation of engraved Gustave Doré landscapes


Nature for its profusion of colors and shapes

Stories & riddles

Collage is a wonderful incitement to diversion and daydreaming

Who am I ?

A dreamlike and mysterious universe

I’m a dreamer who find inspiration in fairy tales, myths of popular culture and “imaginary elsewhere”. In my paintings, wild animals interact with humans, women become magicians, forests evoke the Garden of Eden, the jungles of Douanier Rousseau or Gauguin. From memories, personal photographs, literary or artistic references, I create a dreamlike, mysterious and mischievous world.

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Detail of a work inspired by the jungle atmosphere…

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